Massage is one of the most undervalued forms of alternative therapy that exists today. Many people believe that massage is a luxury and do not realize that it has many physical and mental benefits. These benefits can have lasting results that will improve your quality of life! Learning about the true therapeutic nature of massage can be a life changer. 

There are 11 systems in the human body and massage benefits every single one of them. Here are just a few examples for each system:

·       Muscular System: relieves tension, increases range of motion, reduces pain and tones weak muscles.

·       Cardiovascular System: improves circulation and decreases blood pressure

·       Lymphatic System: increases lymph circulation and increases lymphocyte production.

·       Nervous System: reduction in pain and calming of the “fight or flight” response

·       Endocrine System: see a reduction in stress and pain, as well as lowered stress hormone levels (cortisol, norepinephrine, and epinephrine).

·       Respiratory System: improves pulmonary function, reduces respiration rate, increases fluid discharge from the lungs.

·       Digestive System: relieves constipation and stimulates digestion.

·       Skeletal System: increases the retention of minerals in the bone

·       Integumentary System: increases the elasticity of the skin

·       Urinary System: increases urine output, which promotes the excretion of metabolic wastes

·       Reproductive System: improves blood flow to the reproductive organs, allowing them to be healthier and more functional 

The Mayo Clinic has stated “Massage is generally considered part of complementary and integrative medicine. It’s increasingly being offered along with standard treatment for a wide variety of conditions and situations.” If you look at the studies that have been performed to prove the benefits of massage, you might be surprised at everything it can encompass. Massage is proving more and more to be an effective treatment for many medical conditions. These are just a few of the conditions that can see improvement through massage, as proven by studies: 

·       Fibromyalgia

·       Stress-related insomnia

·       Temporomandibular joint pain (TMJ)

·       Anxiety and Depression

·       Increase growth of premature babies

·       Hypertension

·       Constipation

·       Reduction of scar tissue

·       Asthma/Bronchitis

·       Lymphedema/Cancer

·       Chronic muscle aches and pains

·       Arthritis 

Massage has both physical and mental benefits, as we have seen here at Tyler Massage. We have treated many clients with a variation of conditions over the years. We have treated chronic muscle pain, fibromyalgia, migraines, joint replacements and stress related conditions...just to name a few. So many are amazed at the benefits that regular therapy has given them. We hear of people being able to move more easily, sleep better, reduce or eliminate pain medications…just overall have a better quality of life!