Tyler Massage Covid-19 Policy and Procedures


     With the Covid-19 virus, Tyler Massage has implemented policy and procedures, recommended by the CDC, for the health and safety of all therapists and clientele.

As your therapist, we will…

1.   Wash hands before and after each massage.

2.   Wipe down all surfaces that have been touched.

3.   Make sure we are not sick and stay home if we are.

4.   Screen all clients before each session.

5.   Wear a mask while in the office.

As the client, we ask that you…

1.   Stay home if you are feeling sick. If you come to your appointment sick, it will be rescheduled, and you may be charged a $25 cancellation fee.

2.   Wash or sanitize your hands as soon as you enter the office.

3.   Not bring anyone with you who does not have an appointment.

4.   Wear a mask during your appointment while face up. You may remove your mask once you are face down.