Cancellations/No Shows

Tyler Massage operates on an appointment only basis, therefore a therapist must be onsite for an appointment even if the client does not arrive. For this reason your appointment will be held with a credit card. There will be a charge of $25.00 for appointments not cancelled within 4 hours. The full cost of the service will be charged for no-shows. 

Client / Therapist Conduct 

The staff at Tyler Massage is dedicated to providing the highest level of commitment to our clients delivered with the utmost professionalism. Comfort with the service you are receiving is essential to properly performing therapeutic massage techniques.  Massage is a very personal service and requires a therapist/client relationship very much like the relationship one has with their physician. Due to the nature of physical contact required in massage therapy, your therapist will take great care in respecting your modesty and your privacy. All information gathered and discussed in the course of your therapy is kept secure and confidential. If at any time you are uncomfortable with the level of physical contact between you and your therapist, please communicate this so that your therapist may adjust the session according to your comfort level. Though we do offer services for the purpose of relaxation, our primary focus is therapeutic massage. Inappropriate action or requests will not be tolerated and will result in an immediate termination of a session with payment due in full. We ask that you treat our therapists with the same level of respect they strive to provide.

Medical History

It is important that you be thorough in your client information's medical history. There are certain medical conditions that can increase the risk of injury while receiving therapeutic massage.  Please make certain that you keep your client information up to date, and notify Tyler Massage of any changes in your medical history prior to receiving any services.

Health Concerns

Tyler Massage reserves the right to deny service to anyone presenting signs of contagious illness including but not limited to Flu, Cold, or Fever. This is both for the protection of our therapist and our other clients. If you find that such illness prevents attendance of a scheduled appointment, please notify Tyler Massage as soon as possible so we may reschedule the time for another client. Appointments rescheduled on the basis of illness will not incur a canceled appointment fee. This policy is based on good will and subject to change if abused.

Service To Minors

Clients under the age of 18 will be required to have a consent form signed by a legal guardian in person prior to service. Consent will be required on subsequent visits under the same terms unless otherwise indicated by the legal guardian on the consent paperwork. For clients under the age of 14 Tyler Massage requires the legal guardian be present during the session.

Specific Medical Conditions

Therapeutic massage is intended for the treatment of specific conditions to which massage has shown to provide benefit.  Your therapist is not qualified to diagnose medical conditions, they can however suggest approved methods of treatment for conditions previously diagnosed by a clients physician. If you have any questions concerning the safety of massage for any specific condition please consult your physician prior to your session and advise your therapist of any concerns your physician may have. Tyler Massage is not responsible for injury as a result of existing medical conditions whether disclosed or not.

Pregnancy Concerns

Though there are no known specific dangers of receiving therapeutic massage while undergoing a normal  pregnancy, it is advised that all clients that are or believe they may be pregnant discuss therapeutic massage with their physician prior to a session at Tyler Massage. Furthermore it is requested that the client indicate their pregnancy on the client information  paperwork so the therapist is aware as well.

Drugs / Alcohol / Prescription Medications

Massage can intensify the effects of drugs and or alcohol in the recipients system, for this reason people under the influence of drugs or alcohol should not receive massage. Tyler massage reserves the right to deny service to anyone they believe may be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. This policy is both for the protection of the therapist and the client. Please inform your therapist of any prescription medications you may be taking prior to receiving a massage. Tyler Massage is in no way liable for injury as a result of medications or other adulterants in a clients system whether disclosed or not.

Arriving On Time

It is important that when an appointment is scheduled that arrive on time. If this is your first visit to Tyler Massage please arrive a few minutes early to fill out new client information. Arriving on time assures that we can schedule our time appropriately and that all clients are allowed their full session time. Arriving late for an appointment could result in your session time being less than the scheduled time due to obligations to other clients. Clients not arriving within 15 minutes of their scheduled appointment time will be considered in forfeiture of their allotted time slot. In the event a client does not arrive within the window of their scheduled time slot, Tyler Massage will attempt to contact the client to reschedule if contact information has been previously supplied.


Tyler Massage is a family owned and operated business.  To allow our therapists to spend time with their family will be closed on the following holidays...

    • New Year’s Eve and New Year's Day
    • Memorial Day
    • Independence Day
    • Labor Day
    • Veterans Day
    • Thanksgiving Day and the Friday afterwards
    • Christmas Eve & Christmas Day

Time honored for each holiday may be altered as the holiday draws near, check our website for any changes to holiday schedules.