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Swedish Massage

1/2 Hour $45      1 Hour $75      1 1/2 Hour $105

Therapeutic Massage

1/2 Hour $45      1 Hour $75      1 1/2 Hour $105

Chair Massage

Onsite $65 per hour          Tyler Massage office $1 per minute

Oriental Foot Bath

For tired, sore, worn out feet, this warm foot bath provides great relief! Enjoy 30 minutes of foot pampering that includes a gentle foot scrub and massage. 


Hot Stone Massage

 Enjoy this very relaxing method of massage using hot river stones. The stones of various sizes are heated to 130-150 degrees and then placed on different parts of the body. The heat of the stones helps muscles release more quickly than a traditional massage. The stones are then used during the massage to apply firmer pressure and ease tension. A fantastic experience!!

1 Hour $100      1 1/2 Hour $135

Sciatic Relief


TMJ, Whiplash & Headache Treatment

1/2 hour $45