For those who have never visited Tyler Massage, below you will find a brief description of what to expect.


Before your session: 

     Please arrive a few minutes early to fill out the required paperwork. This provides Tyler Massage contact information and a basic medical history. This information is used to verify that you do not have any conditions that are contraindicated for massage and to assist the therapist in providing more effective therapy. You will then be escorted to your room where you and your therapist will discuss your treatment. Your therapist may make suggestions regarding your treatment based on information you provided.  You will then be given a few minutes to undress to you comfort level and get on the table.


During your session: 

     At Tyler Massage you can expect the highest level of commitment to assess individual needs. Your room is designed to provide a relaxing environment in effort to put your mind and body at ease. A sheet is always used to protect your modesty and maintain professionalism. Your therapist will communicate with you about your comfort level and the pressure and techniques being used. Your session begins once the therapist starts the service; however, because of the commitment to other clients, this can only happen if you arrive on time.


After your session: 

     You will be instructed to rest for a few minutes after your massage. You will want to give your body time to adjust to the work that was performed. Typical after effects of a massage may include feelings of light headedness or dizziness. You may also experience some soreness, so be sure to drink plenty of water for the next 24 hours.


Payment is due at the end of the session!